Appendix D: Quality of Execution/Reporting Instrument

(1) Instrument A B C D Total Overall Quality/Execution Rating (1-3= Weak; 4-7 = Moderate; 8-10 = Strong)                                                   (2) Guidelines for Reviewers: A. Population and sampling (1) Sampling method and/or […]

Appendix C: Code Sheet

Appendix C: Code Sheet

(1) Code Sheet (above) Please contact Alison Jones (alison.j@ubc.ca) for a clearer copy of the sheet above. (2) Guidelines for Reviewers Column 1: Duration Include length of intervention, length of data collection period, and, if applicable, length of ‘wash-out’ period for cross-over studies.  For cross-over or multi-stage studies, record the number and length of intervention […]

Appendix B: Abstract Rating Criteria

YES Abstracts The central focus is on home telehealth and the article directly targets one or more of chronic disease management, economic analysis/cost benefit, implications for HHR. However, the discussion engages the home telehealth aspect and at least two one other dimension: OR The article is a policy paper with direct relevance to the areas […]

Appendix A: Details of Search Process

Articles were retrieved from 5 databases. Although exact terms varied by database, the same general process was followed in each.  2 searches were conducted in each database: 1 for items on home telehealth in management of our target chronic diseases (Concepts 1 and 2; see below), and 1 for items on the economic aspects of […]



Overview This section describes the research process that followed the scoping review and the definition of priority research questions.  It covers the development and execution of the literature searches, screening and coding of the articles retrieved, assessment of study quality, and definition of the strength of the evidence.  For information on the scoping review, the […]

Previous Systematic Reviews and Meta-Syntheses

 Beyond being guided by the projects objectives and research questions, one of our first key activities was to review and synthesize previous systematic reviews and meta-syntheses in the area of home based telehealth.  When the project began there were 12 such published articles that focused on 11 different reviews over the previous five-year period (2004-2009).  […]

Objectives and Research Questions

This knowledge synthesis identifies current knowledge and potential research gaps in home‐based telehealth literature by addressing the following objectives:   Synthesize knowledge on the cost‐effectiveness, clinical outcomes, patient and provider experiences, and policy implications of home‐based telehealth in Canada; Provide a knowledge user‐oriented synthesis to inform home‐based telehealth decisions;  Identify research gaps that need to […]

Project Background

In order to maximize patient safety, positively impact patient outcomes, and effectively manage (both fiscally and organizationally) healthcare in Canada, knowledge users (e.g., policy‐makers, health systems managers, and HHR planners) must have a comprehensive understanding of the solutions available to alleviate the contemporary pressures faced by the healthcare system. Experienced in all jurisdictions across Canada, […]