Objectives and Research Questions

This knowledge synthesis identifies current knowledge and potential research gaps in home‐based telehealth literature by addressing the following objectives:


  1. Synthesize knowledge on the cost‐effectiveness, clinical outcomes, patient and provider experiences, and policy implications of home‐based telehealth in Canada;
  2. Provide a knowledge user‐oriented synthesis to inform home‐based telehealth decisions;
  3.  Identify research gaps that need to be addressed; and
  4. Identify appropriate methodologies for future research in this area.


The following broad research questions, developed in consultation with health services planners and knowledge users, guided the synthesis process:


  1. How effective is home‐based telehealth in treating patients with chronic diseases?
  2. What is the cost‐benefit of implementing, maintaining, and employing home‐based telehealth in chronic disease management?
  3. What is the impact of home‐based telehealth on health human resources?
  4. What policies are needed to successfully implement and maintain home‐based telehealth, particularly in the context of chronic disease management?

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